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music that makes you travel - 

even from your window to the carpet!

watch us behave in the »JUNGLE« (music video)!

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Mar Malade are 

Alexander Hauer & Michèl M. Almeida 

»We write and record our songs wherever we feel at home.

At the coffee table, on a farm in the Black Forest or in an old children's room, where we found all sorts of funny instruments - like “Bachflöten“ - we used to fool around with. Doing that, »MAR MALADE« was created and really wants nothing else than to take everyone on a little trip to dream away.

All the instruments, all the sounds you hear on our records were played, recorded and produced by just the two of us.

Even the background noise of a bar in the Intro of »Marmalade« was created by our two voices and a table full of glasses and bottles. Every laughter, every argument, every entering-the-room you hear in these 23 seconds is one of us, pretending to be part of a little crowd awaiting some music to be gently played.

Just for the brass, we needed a little help from our friend CATT. And Paul Rundel played some wistful violins.«

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